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The weekly podcast with serial entrepreneur, Dave M. Lukas, devoted to giving you incredibly useful and unique insight from the world's top entrepreneurs with a focus on their non-traditional methods for achieving success, their Misfit side. Misfit was created to give YOU the breakthrough entrepreneurship strategies and actionable advice to accelerate your success! The show's open format and Misfit 3 concept, combined with Dave's intuitive and engaging interview style quickly uncover each guest's key tools, tactics, and tricks that listeners can start using in their lives right now. Learn more about the show at and become a member of Misfit Nation by signing up for the Misfit Minute, the FREE weekly email with specific resources from the week's "Misfit 3," and actionable tips and items from the world of Misfit Entrepreneurs. It is delivered every Friday to your inbox!
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The weekly podcast with serial entrepreneur, Dave M. Lukas, devoted to giving you incredibly useful and unique insight from the world's top entrepreneurs with a focus on their non-traditional methods for achieving success, their Misfit side. Misfit was created to give YOU the best, actionable advice to accelerate your success!

The show's open format and Misfit 3 concept, combined with Dave's intuitive and engaging interview style quickly uncovers each guest's key tools, tactics, and tricks that listeners can start using in their lives right now.

Learn more about the show at and become a member of Misfit Nation by signing up for the Misfit Minute, the FREE weekly email with specific resources from the week's "Misfit 3," and actionable tips and items from the world of Misfit Entrepreneurs. It is delivered every Friday to your inbox!

Apr 26, 2017

In this episode, Dave is excited to welcome Lolly Daskal. Lolly is the founder and CEO of Lead from Within and is an entrepreneurial and leadership powerhouse. She is one of the most sought-after executive leadership coaches in the world. Her extensive expertise spans 14 countries, six languages and hundreds of companies. She contributes to everything from Harvard Business Review to INC, Fast Company, Business Insider, and a number of other outlets.

She is ranked as:

Top 17 Columnists Worth Reading on Fast Company, Inc., HBR,

Top 50 Leadership and Management Experts

Top 100 Leadership Speakers to Hire

Top 100 Trusted Business Thought Leaders of America

Top 100 Businesses and Leadership

Top 100 Leadership Blogs Top 40 Websites by and for Women in the workplace

Top 100 Must Follow on Twitter Leaders to Watch by the American Management Association

In addition she has amassed over 1 million twitter followers and has tens of thousands of others that follow her throughout other social media channels.

Her latest book is called The Leadership Gap – What Gets Between You and Greatness, in which she explores her observation that it’s not uncommon for a leader who may appear to be successful by every measure, to ultimately be pulled down by the shadow side of the very traits that made him or her successful.

The book offers a breakthrough perspective on leadership

Lolly has been helping leaders for over 3 decades. But, it wasn’t always that way. At one point, she wasn’t sure what she was going to do, but she did know that she wanted to help people. She was always curious and interested in human behavior…why people do what they do. It was a passion that she immersed herself into and began teaching workshops. It was at one of these workshops that one of the attendees came up to her and asked her if she would be interested in coaching them 1 on 1. She had never planned on that. She was doing what she loved and people were gravitating toward her.

Once she helped her first client, they began to refer her and things went from there. As she says, she never has done any marketing or advertising for her business. It has grown because she has stayed true to her passion and helping others and that has spread throughout the world over time.

Lolly’s definition of leadership?

  • Lolly says the foundational answer can be found in philosophy. And that philosophy is that “anything we want to do or become has to come from within.” That is why she named her business Lead from Within. She goes on to explain that before we can lead others, we have to lead ourselves and lead by example. First, work on yourself, then others will follow.

At the 9 min mark, Lolly introduces the idea of the 7 leadership styles and her latest book The Leadership Gap. She discusses how understanding these styles and their shadows can help you, but also limit your greatness, if you are not aware of how the impact you and those around you.

There are 2 polarities to each part of who we are. It’s not good or bad, but we need to leverage both our strengths and weaknesses and the key to this is awareness of self.

Lolly’s model is built on an acronym she calls RETHINK, which describes the different leadership archetypes and both sides of them:

  1. Rebel Archetype: This architype wants to do something new, something that no one else is doing. They have the characteristic of being confident. They believe they are able to do it. But, the gap comes when a rebel has self-doubt and is an imposter. This can hurt their confidence and trust in themselves. They have to stay on the side of confidence and eliminate the self-doubt.
  2. Explorer Archetype: The entrepreneur who wants to do something amazing and go into uncharted territory. To do that they have to let things go and use intuition. The gap comes when an explorer exploits and manipulates.
  3. Truth Teller Archetype: They must speak the truth, even if you don’t want to hear it. Candor. The gap comes when a truth teller withholds a pieces of information and don’t come across as a deceiver and lose trust. Every leader must be mindful about truth telling and speaking with candor and transparency.
  4. Hero Archetype: The person that shows up when they are fearful, that is courageous when they are frightened. The gap comes when a bystander does not act. They should speak up but don’t. They coast by and do nothing. If you a bystander, learn to find the Hero within you that has courage.
  5. Inventor Architype: The inventor has a gift, a craft or an ability that no one else can do. They do it with excellence and integrity...the highest standard. The gap is the destroyer who is corrupt. The person who cuts corners and doesn’t have standards other than making money. Stand in the greatness of the inventor who has integrity.
  6. Navigator Architype: The navigator is really good at steering people through challenges and approaching things in a pragmatic way. The gap is the fixer. The person who tells everyone what to do or does it for them. They have arrogance. They don’t navigate and empower. Being the fixer can cost you in your relationships and your business in large ways.
  7. The Knight Archetype: The person that is loyal, a protector, a person that says “how can I serve you.” The gap comes in the mercenary that makes it about them. “What have you done for me?” You cannot lead if it is all about you.

Are we one archetype or are we multiple?

We are the sum of all our parts. Any entrepreneur that you see out there today has to be one of these archetypes at different times. Lolly uses Elon Musk as a good example of how at different times, he will be all types. It is the same for each one of us as leaders.

How do we use the RETHINK model to help ourselves or people we work with?

  • To be a great coach, you can’t lead with telling people they have a problem or “you are a fixer or manipulator.”
  • You have to help people understand themselves first and learn who they are inside.
  • This is done by asking questions to help people find awareness One they are aware, you can help them as they make the choice of where they want to go.

At the 28 min mark, Lolly walks through an entire archetype and how we can look at ourselves and coach ourselves through it, leveraging our gaps.

Capabilities + Competence = Confidence

Are leaders born or created? And where should they start to grow themselves as a leader?

It’s a combination of both. Some have natural qualities, others want to create greatness in the world and need to be groomed. Both have to get into their heart and ask themselves what they want to accomplish and are they willing to make it about others and not themselves? We have a ton of books that tell us the how, so the place to start is “who are you?” What drives you? Become clear on yourself and who you truly are and want to be. Only then can you really make huge strides in the “how.”

What is one characteristic or trait that all leaders should strive to possess?

Heart! Anything that comes from the heart has good intentions. Leaders need to get out of their heads and into their hearts. How do you do it all?

How do you setup your life for success?

  • Live a very disciplined life to have freedom
  • Create systems that are organized and provide leverage
  • Every morning share gratitude
  • Ask what you can do today that you can do better tomorrow
  • Whatever you are doing, be fully present and give the best of what you have to offer.
  • FOCUS ​

Advice to help grow your audience?

  • You have to ask yourself if you are bringing value to others and your actions need to reflect it. S
  • hare true value with others
  • Give, give, give, and you can grow exponentially


Best Quote:  Greatness is not a destiny that is only available to  few.  It is a choice that is available to everyone.


Lolly's Misfit 3:

  1. Embrace who you are and stop comparing yourself to others.
  2. Acknowledge your gifts and your strengths for what they are.
  3. We have a choice in every given moment to decide who we are going to be.  Choose to be great!
Apr 19, 2017

In this episode, Dave is excited to welcome welcome 4 time best-selling author, internationally recognized speaker and adviser…and former Marine Core fighter pilot, Ed Rush. Ed has an incredible story and background. He flew over 50 missions in combat and was the #1 instructor in the Marine Core for 1 against 1 dog-fighting. He was also instrumental in training development for the new F-35 Lightning 2 strike fighter.

After leaving the marines, he has become one of the most sought after speakers and business advisers on the scene today. He has been featured on CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, and tons of other outlets.

Ed has taken the principles learned in the cockpit and turned them into solid, time -tested business strategies and systems that get results.

Ed was a former F-18 fighter pilot and top instructor in the marines for 11 years, but as he says, he was the guy who failed kindergarten. Ed talks about how he learned to get ahead and overcome his shortcomings. He talks about how he figured out that when everyone was out partying or taking time off on the weekends, he had the most access to flight simulators, so he could get more time in and more practice than the other guys who went during normal hours. He would practice hand movement to give him just a slight edge or a millisecond or two. And a millisecond can make a huge difference in a dogfight. He also memorized to the exact number, every metric that the airplane had, so he did not have to think at all and just react.

From this he realized: The key to success is not about being the best or most gifted or even having the best tools or systems, what matters are the small, incremental adjustments that you do over time that create a wave of disciplined success.

He took that philosophy and started building and growing businesses.

At the 10 min mark, Ed talks about what is needed to build successful business systems.

Most importantly he gives the following and goes into detail on it: TLCFL - Traffic, leads, customers, and then Customers for life.

Business comes down to simple systems working in tandem to get a result

"It is anywhere between 20 to 100 times more lucrative to market to your current customers…"

At the 14:30 mark: Ed gives examples for each of the areas: Traffic, Leads, Customers, and Customers for Life. He also talks about his strategy for Facebook ads and promotions.

You are always testing the forest, then the leaves, then the branches, and then the trees…When testing your ads, start with the big stuff (price, colors, etc.), then go down to the little stuff from there.

Where is the best place to start working on as a business owner and why? M

  • Market, Message, Media
  • Start with the market
    • Who are they?
    • Where are they?
    • What do they want?
  • What do they want leads to message
  • Then from there, you can figure out the places you need to be (media) to deliver your message to your market

What are 2 things that you would consider critical for success in today’s world?

  • Speed: Markets move very fast. Things are becoming obsolete quickly and you have to move fast in the market to keep up. You can also make adjustments, so don’t wait.
  • Adjusting: you have to move quick, but realize, most of the time, things won’t work the way you want. You need to be ready to make adjustments to things and test.

Secrets of Building a Great Funnel:

  • You have to start with a great offer. You have to give something that they really want with great value. Books work well.
  • The old days of warming people up to an offer are over. People want to get things now, so once they opt in and you give them something they really want, then get them to an offer as quickly as possible.

How do you create and leverage content?

  • Ed uses WebinarJam and EverWebinar to manage webinars and automate them
  • Create the “self-licking ice cream cone.”Leverage what you have done to keep working for you, but realize it still takes work to test, adjust, etc., but you can use the content and work you have done multiple ways.

At the 39 min mark, Ed talks about the most important thing in maximizing his impact and value.

Hallmarks of a great leader?

  1. Leaders need to move fast, cast a vision, and back it up
  2. Congruence and consistency in who they are in their ethics
  3. They know what they want and are crystal clear in communication

The most important duties of a business: 

  • Create a return on investment for the shareholders
  • Create incredible product or service in the marketplace that changes people’s lives and helps them. ​

At the 43 min mark, Ed gives some thought on who he would go back in time and visit with as well as other thought leaders that he follows and looks to for insight. Specifically, John Eldridge – Wild at Heart book is a must read.

What’s next for you? Listen at the 46 min mark to find out where Ed is going next…


Best Quote: "The key to success is not about being the best or most gifted or even having the best tools or systems, what matters are the small, incremental adjustments that you do over time that create a wave of disciplined success.”


Ed's Misfit 3

  1. Ready, Fire, Aim – Fast action, speed to market and adjust from there.
  2. Get help – Seek out the advice and help you need
  3. There is no such thing as enough. You are always growing, learning, and experiencing new things. Never stop 
Apr 12, 2017

In November of 2016, we introduced a new format that we are putting alongside our regular episodes called “Lessons for Hannah.” Hannah is my daughter and one of the main inspirations for the Misfit Entrepreneur. I wanted to have a place where she could go and learn from her daddy and his Misfit friends throughout her life….even after I am gone. If you haven’t listened to the first episode of Lessons for Hannah, I urge you to as it gives some more background and tells the amazing story of how Hannah came to be in our lives.

Lessons for Hannah are short, very useful, and sometimes comical lessons, that I have learned which I want to share with you and give to Hannah to help in your lives. Because I want Hannah to have these for her life, I’m going to speak as though I am talking directly to her. These episodes are a lot of fun and if you think there is a lesson that we should include in these episodes, please don’t hesitate to send it over to us at We’d love to share it.

This Week's Lesson for Hannah

Hannah, sweetie. I want to speak to you about the power of your mind and most importantly, the power you have to create the thoughts and habits that you want to have in life. A lot of people go through life with the attitude that “life happens to me.” They think they just need to deal with things because they don’t have control over them. While, it is true that there are things you cannot control – one thing you can control is the way you think and act.

Here’s the big secret that many never realize. We are taught and conditioned to be who we are in life. This comes from a variety of sources – parents, friends, family, media, culture, religion, and a host of other things. Yes, you mother and I are teaching and by default conditioning you to learn certain thought patterns, habits, etc. We do this because we love you and want to pass on everything good we have learned in our lives – and from our conditioning.

But, here’s the thing. Your mother and I are not perfect…none of the sources of your conditioning are perfect and thus you will learn things that become part of your everyday habits and traits, that as you get older you will find, may not align with who you truly want to be or truly believe.

I know because I became aware to it at a young age and set out to recondition my mind for the ways I wanted to think and for what I wanted to believe and have. You can do the same. Here’s how…

First, you need to realize that you have two minds – your conscious and your subconscious. The conscious mind is that part of you that you think with. When you take a test or read a book or go search the web for something, you are thinking, you are deciding. That is your conscious. The subconscious is different. It is the part of your brain that runs you without you even knowing it. Think about it. How much do you think to throw a ball or brush your teeth or many times what you say? You don’t because it is automatic. It is a reaction that your subconscious does based on your conditioning.

This is why many people go through life thinking life happens to them, because they are a product of their subconscious just reacting from their conditioning all the time and thus they don’t truly consciously control their lives. And that is why they end up having the feeling that they are lost or helpless.

But, for all the credit we give the subconscious, it is actually pretty dumb. It is the animal part of our brain. So, it can be reconditioned. A great example of how easily it can be conditioned is when you decide you want something in your conscious mind and then all of a sudden you start to see it everywhere. Maybe it is a certain type and color of car or a hairstyle. Whatever, it is, because you decided you want it, your subconscious files that away and starts looking for it and pointing it out to you. Knowing this, you can retrain your subconscious to go after what you want. Once you are aware, you can analyze your automatic reactions to things and follow this simple formula, - Stop, Ask, Choose.

Stop yourself when you think you are saying or doing something you don’t believe is you. Ask yourself if you truly want to respond or act in that way. Then choose if you want to continue and keep that conditioning or change it to what you want and move forward. Put that way, it sounds easy…and it is when you actually catch yourself and do it, but it is a lifelong process that you will need to always be aware of and do. Once you begin to do this, you will be amazed at how you can retrain your mind and the power you will have to create the thoughts and habits that you want.

I’ll leave you with this anecdote – Your beliefs lead to your thoughts, your thoughts lead to the way you act or react, and your actions and reactions determine the results you get in life. If you take out everything in the middle, you get “Your beliefs lead to your results.”

Understanding this can give you the ultimate in personal power and control over your life and help you to be the best that you can be. I hope you find as many ways to use it as you can and live from your true beliefs… I love you, Daddy.


Best Quote:  "Your beliefs lead to your results"


Misfit 3:

  1. You have control over the way you think and act and thus the results you have in life. Make it your mission to live out of true choice and not conditioning that you do not want or will not accept.
  2. Understanding this concept will help you in your work with others. It is extremely powerful to understand what drive the behavior of other people. But be careful to use it for good and not take advantage.
  3. Remember, much of your conditioning is good and you should make it a point to embrace it and maximize its true potential within yourself.
Apr 5, 2017

In this episode, Dave is excited to welcome Klyn Elsbury. Klyn is an amazing individual with an equally amazing story. I won’t spoil it for you as it can only be told in the way she tells it, but Klyn, according to doctors, should not be alive today.

Instead, Klyn is thriving. She is an entrepreneur and owner of Landmark Makers, a unique firm focused on helping high growth companies find and coach the best talent for their needs. She is author of the international best-seller I AM_: The untold story of Success, which when released in late 2016, knocked Tim Ferris’s Tools for titans out of the top spot on Amazon.

She has appeared throughout media including NBC, NPR, and a host of others. She is asked to speak regularly throughout the nation and has even had special recognition from people like Lance Armstrong, Jack Daly, and Aron Ralston.

In this episode Dave and Klyn talk about a lot of things, but most of all you are going to learn what it is like to live each day like it is your last.

Klyn was born with cystic fibrosis, a genetic killer. Cystic fibrosis attacks the lungs and eventually prevents a person from being able to breathe. Many people that have the condition do not survive past their mid-twenties. With Klyn’s mutation of the condition, doctor’s only gave her about 15 years to live from birth. As Klyn says, she grew up with a very supported family who never let her call what she had a disease and fostered a mindset that she did not have any limitations and could live like anyone else does.

As she got older, due to the disease she spent more and more time in hospitals and it became just another part of her life. Because she was basically terminal from birth, Klyn developed a sense of approaching the world with the view to “live every day like her life depended on it.”

Miraculously, Klyn survived past the dates doctors gave her life and created a great career as a high end recruiter. She still had to deal with the day to day needs of CF, but she was alive.

In 2014, things took a turn for the worse. She has to give up her passion for recruiting as she was down to only 40% lung capacity and given 6 weeks to live. She was in a wheel chair, and had become infected with multiple strains of infections that were threatening her lungs further.

So, she did what any normal person would do, she started to exercise! Even if it was for a few minutes at a time, she would go to and participate as best she could in Zumba classes because, well, it made her happy. At this point, Klyn was preparing for the end and went on a 6 week roadtrip across the country to essentially say her goodbyes to loved ones.

During this time, she discovered there was more to her spirit and what it means to persevere. At the same time, a new drug that cost almost $300,000 came out. It was made to fight the ravages of her specific mutation of CF. Only problem was…Klyn wasn’t eligible because of the way her insurance was setup and the rules around things. So, she took to getting her feelings out on a blog…she poured entire being in it. The blog went viral and she was then interviewed by multiple news outlets, including NBC nightly news with Lestor Holt. Through that interview, Klyn was able to get the drug approved and had the drug 2 days later – at a severely discounted price not just for her, but he all the patients in California with the same CF mutation Klyn had!

It was this journey and experience that led Klyn to believe there was even more to our lives and finding out our “why,” and what makes us want to live. That led her to her book “I AM.” Which is a collection stories from some of the most successful people in the world of overcoming and breaking through the darkest times in their lives.

Today, Klyn has 70% of her lung capacity and is in the hospital about 6 months out of the year – but she should not be alive. She talks about how fitness continues to make a huge difference in her health and how entrepreneurs need to look at their fitness holistically – not just physical, but mental, spiritual, etc.

At the 11 min mark, Klyn tells the story of how she became a Zumba instructor and literally having IV drips in-between training sessions. From an entrepreneurial standpoint, we all have things we have to push through and this tory crystalizes what this means.

“Get your body fit and in shape and you’ll be amazed at how the mind follows”

At the 13 min mark, Klyn talks about the true power of belief. Klyn says that clarity of what you want in all areas of your life down to each details is the first step. Then you ask, who do you need to be to be able to achieve these things?

Klyn talks about developing habits of how to succeed in life and holding herself accountable to them.

You see life through the eyes of someone who could leave this earth tomorrow, what matters and what doesn’t?

  • What matters is how we interpret any event that comes out way
  • What doesn’t matter is the actions of other people that lead us toward that interpretation

Klyn tells a great story that really brings the above into focus. Listen closely.

What eye-opening things did you learn in interviewing all of the successful people for “I AM?”

  • Boomer Esiason taught her the power of going all in. If you can’t show up every day and go “all in” giving everything your all, you will not be successful because you aren’t truly dedicated to what you want in life.
  • The power of forgetting your excuses. Our thoughts can be disabilities to what we want and our success. Remove disabling thoughts from your life. Remove disabling actions.

What secrets and tricks have you learned to find leverage and do more with less (especially from a hospital bed half the year)?

  • Klyn identifies and attracts the top talent from throughout the nation to join her team and together they have created systems for making sure the business runs at optimal levels.
  • She has created almost 400 pages of content that allows other employers to do exactly what they’ve done and now sell the system and train companies how to scale.
  • She has made sure to put the things in place so that the company can thrive without her.
  • Essentially, if you approach your company with the fact that you could be gone any day and it needs to be able to continue on without you, as yourself, what would you need to have in place for it to survive?

Advice for finding A-player, Rockstar talent?

  • You can’t just tell a candidate about a job
  • You need to sell them. You need to sell your company. You leadership team. The career. And do it in way that is so convincing they would not want to be anywhere else. Then you evaluate the candidate.
  • In today’s world where information is readily available, you need to do this to stand out from the crowd.
  • Make sure to have clarity on what you want from a candidate (search parameters) 
  • You’ll never get a candidate that is 100% of what you are looking for, but if you can someone with 80%, you’ll be happy
    • Think about what problems this candidate needs to help or fix in your business – this will help you get clarity
  • You probably have a business plan. But, do you have a plan for your human capital in your business?
  • Make sure you do reference checks. o Question to ask “The [Candidate ] told us they struggled with “x,” can you tell me more about that?”

Best advice for building a following on LinkedIn?

  • Connect, but be smart and intentional with who you connect with. Put thought into it.
  • Then engage. Send them a note. Tell them why you connected. Ask to meet further and discuss potential synergies.

Best advice for entrepreneurs?

  • Everything is 10x more effort than you ever expected
  • Be prepared to put in 10x more effort, give 10x more time and energy than you expect, but be prepared to enjoy the success 10x more than you thought


Best Quote:  "Believing alone is not enough for you.  It has to be the day to day actions that you put together towards your beliefs that will create resulting changes in your life."


Klyn's Misfit 3

  1. Lead with your heart.  If you can't go all in and give it your heart, you're wasting your life.
  2. Clarity, clarity, clarity.  Be clear about what you want out of your company.  Be clear about what you want out of your relationships.  Be clear about the types of people you want to attract into your circle both personally and professionally.
  3. Live as if your life depended on it.  How would you live you life different if you knew that any day could be your last?