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The weekly podcast with serial entrepreneur, Dave M. Lukas, devoted to giving you incredibly useful and unique insight from the world's top entrepreneurs with a focus on their non-traditional methods for achieving success, their Misfit side. Misfit was created to give YOU the breakthrough entrepreneurship strategies and actionable advice to accelerate your success! The show's open format and Misfit 3 concept, combined with Dave's intuitive and engaging interview style quickly uncover each guest's key tools, tactics, and tricks that listeners can start using in their lives right now. Learn more about the show at and become a member of Misfit Nation by signing up for the Misfit Minute, the FREE weekly email with specific resources from the week's "Misfit 3," and actionable tips and items from the world of Misfit Entrepreneurs. It is delivered every Friday to your inbox!
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The weekly podcast with serial entrepreneur, Dave M. Lukas, devoted to giving you incredibly useful and unique insight from the world's top entrepreneurs with a focus on their non-traditional methods for achieving success, their Misfit side. Misfit was created to give YOU the best, actionable advice to accelerate your success!

The show's open format and Misfit 3 concept, combined with Dave's intuitive and engaging interview style quickly uncovers each guest's key tools, tactics, and tricks that listeners can start using in their lives right now.

Learn more about the show at and become a member of Misfit Nation by signing up for the Misfit Minute, the FREE weekly email with specific resources from the week's "Misfit 3," and actionable tips and items from the world of Misfit Entrepreneurs. It is delivered every Friday to your inbox!

Oct 19, 2016

In this episode, Dave is excited to welcome Ryan Biddulph. Ryan is the founder of Blogging From Paradise. He’s done what so many people say they want to do… quit their job, travel the world, and fund their lifestyle by making money online. And in Ryan’s case, not just some money – a lot of money. Ryan’s story is amazing. He bounced around from job to job, making just enough to get by. And after getting downsized, he finally had enough and decide to make his dream a reality.

Since then he’s been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin blog, Forbes, The Huffington Post and Neil Patel Dot Com. He’s spoken around the world and of course traveled the world everywhere from Fiji to Thailand and everything in between with his family. Ryan’s written 126 E-books, and that is not a typo – one hundred twenty six! Been featured on 200+ blogs and has a number of businesses surrounding Blogging from Paradise. And he did all of this in less than 5 years!

8 years ago Ryan was a security guard in New Jersey. It took a catalyst of getting laid off to spur him to do something more in life and more fulfilling. Starting out, he didn’t even know what a blog was! But he figured some things out over a couple years. Within about 5 years he was making enough money to fund his lifestyle and travel the world. But something was off. The way he was doing it just didn’t give him the true fulfillment and passion he was looking for.

So he did what anyone making a lot of money through a business online that was funding a lifestyle to travel the world would do – he trashed it all and started over from scratch! He was scared, but he know starting over he could do it right and really follow his passion and that is how Blogging from Paradise came to be. That was 2 years ago and now Ryan is one of the most sought after blogging experts.

At the 6 min mark, Ryan talks about taking a failure/setback and turning it into an opportunity.

At the 8 min mark, Ryan talks about what it means to be open to opportunity

Ryan’s tips for success and being a successful blogger:

  1. Follow your fun. The work needs to be the reward or you won’t stick with it. (Ryan talks about how he literally started out to crickets and would get maybe a couple visits per day to his blog.
  2. Created content that is helpful
  3. Connect with influencers in your niche

Pay close attention at the 12 min mark, Ryan tells you how to connect with top influencers and get them to promote you and your message, and how he used this secret to launch his first book.

Some fundamental tips for successful blogging:

81% of bloggers never make more than $100 during their entire online career. Because they skip the first few fundamentals which are being present and being mindful. The focus must be on developing authentic, powerful relationships over the long term. More than anything, focus on your inner game and be prepared to learn from your mistakes and get better every day. The mindset makes a huge difference.

What is the right mindset?

A lot is carrying an intent vs. just goals. Making sure you are focusing on the right tasks. For blogging that is creating and connecting. Spend your time giving and promoting others, giving value through what you do. Focus on giving and the process of it and it will make a huge difference for you. The rest will come. Don’t focus on “getting” because you will never be successful that way.

What about if someone wants to do blogging part time?

You still have to follow your fun. Strategy-wise, if you only have 8-10 hours/week focus on doing one thing really well, because where you attention and energy goes, grows. Start by focusing on writing 500-1000 words a day and a few mins a day on social and a few blog comments if you can. Then maybe write 2 really good guest posts per month.

Most Effective Ways to Monetize?

Ryan, “My passions precede my biggest profits.” For Ryan that is E-books, Freelance writing, converting his e-books to Audible, and blog consulting. Ryan has also used affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.

Lessons Ryan has learned:

1. Don’t get attached to business outcomes. Focus on what you enjoy doing vs. the outcome.

2. Be open to learning at all times. Spend 5 hours every week away from your business learning. Read, learn, implement

3. Persist – Push through, have faith, and keep at it 4. Embrace your fears. Really deal with your emotions and deep fears as they are most like holding you back and you have to get over them.


Best Quote:  “Many times the biggest life changing moments come wrapped in what appears to be misfortune or something that appears to be really negative”


Ryan’s Misfit 3

  1. Follow your fun. The more your focus on a niche that you are very passionate about, if you follow your fun, it will carry you to places you never dreamed of. Ask yourself, “What can you talk about all day long?” Use that as your topic, tie into pain points, and help people with your message.
  2. Double Down on Personal Development: Most limits are self-imposed. It’s always how you perceive things. Success is an inside job. What limiting beliefs do you have that you need to face and get rid of?
  3. Make friends with successful people from your niche. You learn more, make other connections, and find that these people will help you in your success as well. Is there a person that you know you should be connecting with that you haven’t that can help you in your success? What are you waiting for!
Oct 12, 2016

In this episode, Dave is excited to welcome Stacey Mckibbin. Stacey is the President and COO of Multivariable Solutions, a consulting company devoted to helping companies, and the people within, to achieve the results they desire. They have a special focus on cementing the foundations or roots of a business to ensure greater, more scalable growth and success.

Stacey is also a Certified Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) – which we have a lot of fun exploring in this interview - and a Certified hypnotist.

Before becoming the President of Multi-Variable Solutions, Stacey helped lead a startup that grew to over $36 million in just under 18 months before sale.

Connect with Stacey on LinkedIn

Stacey gives us a lot of great content and useful information.


Topics Covered Include:

  • Learn how to feel the fear and do it anyway
  • Stacey gives some great thoughts on working in startups and becoming an entrepreneur that everyone can use no matter where they are in their career.
  • We discuss the good (and the bad) of growing an organization from $0 to over $36 million in 18 months.
  • Stacey tells us the best decision she ever made and how it made her an even better entrepreneur...and how you can use it to help your career.
  • We go in-depth on neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), the steps you can take to put it into use in your life, and how important it can be to your success.


Pay close attention at the 10 minute mark as Stacey talks about how your beliefs lead to your results and how you can control this process.

We have a large discussion on the DISC personality profile and how this simple test and understanding of personalities can change your results and relationships dramatically.

Stacey gives us "The Platinum Rule" describing it as Treat others how they want to be treated and gives us some great examples of how this rule pays off.

Lastly, Stacey talks about how you your strengths can actually become your weaknesses and what to watch out for.


Best Quote: Ask yourself, “What’s useful to believe?”


Stacey’s Misfit 3

  1. LBNT – Evaluate yourself and your performance by asking yourself every chance you get "L-B-N-T"….What did I LIKE BEST and what would I do better NEXT TIME.
  2. Ask yourself in situations, "What’s useful to believe?" And then choose the beliefs you want to have in that scenario and put them to use.
  3. Ask yourself, "Who do you get to become from choosing the beliefs you want to have?" Fix that person in your mind and what they are capable of and then manifest in your life. This will help you to grow in all areas.
Oct 5, 2016

This episode was recorded beachside with Dave's good friend and entrepreneur, Christian Redman, AKA Flipper SurfGiant. Flipper has done what most people dream of doing. Giving up the so called "Rat Race," and moving to a tropical paradise and totally reinventing himself. Flipper is now the most sought after dive master on the Big Island of Hawaii and people come from all over the world to spend time with him and learn from him about the amazing world underwater. His guests include Hollywood A-Listers, Business titans, and other dignitaries. But, you'd never know from meeting him. With all he has done, he has managed to keep his amazing humility and childlike sense of fun that most people rarely do.

Flipper has also created an incredibly unique online brand using Facebook that touches thousands and thousands of people's lives every day throughout the world.

This is one of those interviews that you just love to listen to. Enjoy!

Flipper SurfGiant on Facebook

Flipper's Under the Sea


In this episode we cover a number of topics, but its best to just listen to Flipper and his subtle wisdom and life advice.

Topics Covered Include:

  • How Flipper reinvented himself and overcame the fear of doing it
  • Selling through stories and how powerful that can be
  • How to relate to people you've never met through common mediums like Star Wars!
  • Balancing seriousness with fun
  • How your outlook on life determines your success
  • Why fear is good and how to overcome it
  • Carving out your niche
  • Turning "fun" into a business and a brand
  • Challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zone
  • Creating a social brand through rebellion and exclusivity


Best Quote: Having fear is good because it shows you what direction your need to go and what you need to stand up to, to get to your next level.


Flipper’s Misfit 3

  1. Practice Patience – Patience allows you to not react, but respond in the right way for the best outcomes
  2. Work backwards to create your systems in business and in life. Start with the end in mind and work back to the beginning from there. Is there a process or system in your life that isn't performing as it should? Try this method.
  3. Find your calling and don’t be afraid to go after it. Even if it is doing it in little bites at a time. Act and Do it!
Sep 28, 2016

In this episode, Dave is excited to welcome a guest that was at the top of his list when started the Misfit Entrepreneur, Craig Ballantyne. Craig is the owner and head editor of Early to Rise, arguably the most popular daily source for bettering your health, wealth, self-improvement, and lifestyle. Dave has followed ETR for almost 15 years and says that the Misfit Entrepreneur would not exist without many of the great tips picked up from reading it each morning. It’s a staple in his personal growth routine.

Outside Early to Rise, Craig is known as a top Productivity & Success Transformation Coach and the author of The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life.

He has been a contributor to Men's Health magazine since 2000, and his articles have also appeared in Women’s Health, Oxygen, GQ, Maxim, Men’s Fitness, Muscle and Fitness, and many others.

In 2001, Craig created the popular home workout program, Turbulence Training, and in 2013 he created the Home Workout Revolution Bodyweight Exercise Program. Over 100,000 men and women have used his 6 Minutes to Skinny weight loss system since 2014.

Craig’s online success has led him to create books and a coaching program to show others how to take their ideas and help thousands of people. He holds seminars around the world, and he teaches at the annual Sovereign Academy camp every summer in Lithuania.

But it wasn’t always easy, Craig had to overcome many obstacles on his journey to success, and his toughest battle was fighting crippling anxiety attacks. He finally discovered how to beat them with his 5 Pillars of Transformation, and today Craig shows men and women how to use the 5 Pillars to lose 10 to 75 pounds, get a raise and make more money, find the love of their life, and overcome really any obstacle in the way of their success.


Craig grew up in Canada and went to college to be a strength and conditioning coach for hockey teams. In college, wrote a newsletter to Men’s Health and got put into the magazine showing how just taking action can pay off. Craig, started helping people of all walks of life and came out with Turbulence training in 2001. In 2011, he bought Early to Rise. But it wasn’t easy, in 2006, Craig started to get very bad anxiety attacks including mental and physical issues. He couldn’t do anything at 100%. He couldn’t exercise. He couldn’t think at optimum levels. It really consumed his life.

Through learning to control his body and using meditation techniques, Craig was able to overcome his anxiety after many months of practice. He took the lessons and tactics from this to create a system to really help people overcome obstacles in their live and grow themselves.

One of the ways that Craig overcame his anxiety was through what he calls the 5 Pillars of Transformation:

  1. Better Planning and Preparation
  2. Professional Accountability (includes having a coach or accountability partner)
  3. Positive Social Support (surrounding yourself with good support system to back you up)
  4. Having a Meaningful Incentive
  5. The Big Deadline

These can be used for all areas of your life from changing the way you feel to reaching a goal or any kind.

At the 8:30 mark, Craig walks through how he used the 5 Pillars to change his life and give examples for each one.

Pay close attention at the 11:40 mark as we explore how Craig came up with his 12 rules for living and how you can use this technique to help you in your life. As Craig, says, “Everyone has rules for their live, but don’t necessarily call them rule…or write them down, but they have them whether they are conscious to it or not.” These rules provide the structure to make it easier to do the things you want to become more successful.

At 16:40, Craig gives the template of the 5 rules that everyone should have in their life:

  1. Have a consistent go to bed and wake up time
  2. Get up 15 mins earlier and work on your #1 priority (this give you 72 hours per year of clear thinking time!)
  3. The #1 Thing Not to Do – What will you make your #1 Not to do Rule?
  4. Aspirational rule – What will you live up to in your life?
  5. Personal Enrichment or Socializing, etc.

At the 22:30 mark, we talk about one of the most powerful techniques of the most successful and Craig’s recommendation of how to do it.

Craig also discusses and expands on his “3 C Formula:”

  • Control what you can
  • Cope with what you can’t
  • Concentrate on what counts

Craig took this and applied to his day. He notes that we have more control over our mornings (when we get up, the first things we work on, etc.).

Craig also shares his sometimes controversial, 10, 3, 2, 1, 0 Formula and how it’s helped him achieve more and succeed further:

• 10 hours before bed, stop drinking caffeine

• 3 hours before bed, stop having heavy meals and alcohol

• 2 hours before bed, stop work

• 1 hour before bed, get away from all electronic light (phones, tablets, etc.)

• 0 is the number of times you hit the snooze button in the morning

We also discuss Craig's thoughts on business and some of his best decisions in business, advice on starting an online business, his challenges now and how he is overcoming them, and who his mentors are.


Best Quote: "There are two types of people.  There's proactive people that succeed and reactive people that struggle."


Craig’s Misfit 3

  1. Take 15 minutes each morning to sit down and work on your #1 priority in your life.
  2. Brain dump- every day when you make your to do list at the end of your day,. Do a brain dump and get everything out of your head so you can go home and be present with your family and not have things eating at your mind
  3. Create a vision for your life (Craig gives 20 questions in The Perfect Day forumula to help you do this)
Sep 21, 2016

In this episode, Dave is excited to welcome friend and longtime mentor, John Mariotti. John is the former President of Huffy Bicycles during some of its most successful years. He also held positons as a group president at Rubbermaid and then Chairman of the Board for World Kitchen before retiring. He is now the president and CEO of the Enterprise Group - an advisory and consulting group to CEOs, Presidents, & C-suite level execs.

John is also a highly published author winning numerous awards including “Top Books for Small Business.” He also contributes regularly to Forbes, Fortune, Industry Week, the Wall Street Journal and many others.

You can learn more about John at

You can also view John’s books at His Book Page on Amazon

John’s story spans over 4 decades of leadership, but it was how he reinvented himself as an entrepreneur at age 53 after being a CEO, President, etc. that is really interesting. We spend time talking about many subjects including the secrets of how to keep your success sustainable and going for decades. John gives his best wisdom and insight across topics from leadership to sales, and building an organization.

One of the most important strategies John shares is the simple secret formula for creating a world class, high performing organization that you can remember with the 5 fingers on your hand. He breaks it down into these things:

  1. Quality
  2. Speed
  3. Service
  4. Cost
  5. Innovation

John shares many examples of how to implement this strategy.

We also discuss lessons John has learned from some of the greatest business leaders of our time, such as Sam Walton of Walmart, and what it means to “Think big and try small.” John shares his top thoughts on Negotiating, Sales, Managing People, Optimizing an organization’s operations, Service, and Leadership. We also discuss his mentors in life and the lessons learned from them, as well as some of his biggest mistakes and lessons learned.


Best Quote:  "Waste nothing.  You only have 3 resources in business - time, talent, and money. Waste none of them.  If a product isn't in the hands of a consumer or client, its useless.  Everything you spend from where its made to where the consumer or client can use it is waste. Eliminate as much as you can of it!"


John's Misfit 3

  1. People – People are most important to your success, but they do not change and you cannot change them. Make sure you seek out and really make sure you have the right people working with you on your mission. And if you don’t, do them and you a favor, and help them onto something else. Do you have the right people with you on your journey? Is there someone you know should be with you? Get them on board!
  2. Priorities – The hardest thing in life is to decide what to work on. You have to work on the right things. For a business or entrepreneur, its Quality, Service, Speed, Cost, and Innovation. What can you do today to improve any one of these areas in your work?
  3. Passion - Your passion, enthusiasm, and attitude will directly impact those around you in all areas of your life, give purpose, and directly impact your level of success. Make the decision of how you want to be perceived in your passion and be that person.
Sep 14, 2016

In this episode, Dave is excited to welcome Steve Cunningham. Steve is founder of, one of the most unique and exciting breakthroughs in personal growth and development released in a long time. In fact, Dave liked it so much he became a customer!, is a service that delivers a summary of a best-selling business and personal development books to their members every single day.

Their mission is to:

  1. Transform members' business and lives by introducing them to one idea that changes everything for them.
  2. Help members experience financial freedom by generating multiple income streams.
  3. Give members the tools they need in order to be successful and reach new levels in their business and lives

Read it for me is used by some of the largest corporations in the world, as well as many major influencers and entrepreneurs. In fact, Tony Hseih, founder of Zappos had this to say about, "We use here at Zappos, and we love it. Pursuing growth and learning is one of our core values, and lets us do that in a fun and engaging way."

Twitter: @stevecunningham

Steve holds the record for shortest law career ever, one week. He had gone to school for law and business, but within a week found that law was not for him, so he went into a family business and started a media company within it. In order to perfect his craft, he begin to study and perfect social media techniques for meeting influencers and acquiring clients many years before it really became popular.

He also studied and read voraciously as many books and materials he could get his hands on about business and entrepreneurship. He found that many of the potential clients he was meeting with were entrepreneurs and one of the best ways to build rapport was to see what books they had on their bookshelves and discuss them. But the funny thing was that many times, they would admit, they actually hadn’t read the books…they just had them on their bookshelves!

This gave Steve an idea. He could take those business books that everyone wants to read, but doesn’t have the time and condense them down to a 10 minute read, or a quick audio or video.  He could then use it to open doors for his content marketing business and use it as a case study to show how things can go viral on social media and grow a business. And that is exactly what happened. Within a very short time, the summaries were shared all over the world, put in email newsletters, and shared on social media.  Steve even starting getting calls from venture capitalists.

So a case study, an experiment to gain new clients for content marketing, very quickly turned into a business and recently, Steve stopped doing content marketing and social media services all together to focus on full time.

Make sure to pay attention at the 7 minute mark when Steve talks about the “in-between moments.” Also tune in at the 10 minute mark where Steve talks about going from knowing nothing about creating and starting an online e-learning business to creating It truly proves that anything can be learned.

Steve talks about his tipping point when he did 10x his sales in one month. The key to this was to go HUGE and create an absolutely off the wall offer. And it worked

That is the offer Dave saw that was limited for a very short window and bought the service. What did Steve do? He went from a monthly/annual subscription to a lifetime subscription for a ridiculous price! He only does this for very specific partnerships.  His thinking was, "Why plod along and get a subscriber here or there, when you can offer something of such ridiculous value that it is too good to pass up." His rational was, "If I make it such a good deal and get a million clients in a shorter time, it’s the same as getting subscription clients 1 by one over many, many years."

The response was insane!

Here are Tips and things Steve has learned in building

  • The best and most successful authors are the ones that have taken complex subjects and have made them very easy to understand and be able to explain to others. It is the same if you are a blogger, author, or selling something. The more easy to understand and relatable you make it. The easier it is to buy.
  • Steve's Top Business Book: Made to Stick. Because of the acronym that they use in how to tell a story or get a point across: SUCCES – Simple, Unexpected, Credible, Concrete, Emotional, Stories
  • “It not always the best information that wins, it’s the best storytellers that win”
  •  Steve still wakes up every day hungry to learn and seeks knowledge and understanding to further his growth…even after all that he has read and summarized, this passion is a driver for him and should be for you as well. As he says “the more you learn, the more you realize that you don’t know.”
  • Your own growth and personal development is on you. Its your job to seek and take away things to help you. Be open and learn as much as you can from everyone that you meet.

Top Books Recommendations from Steve:

Instant Influence by Michael D. Pantalon. PhD

Goal Setting and Task Performance (From an old text book delivered via module at


Best Quote: “Always challenge assumptions you are making and why you are doing what you are doing…”

Steve's Misfit 3

  1. Understand the changes coming in the economy. By 2020, experts say over 50% of people will be freelance workers. It will be an enormous change and based on how you decide to handle it, a major opportunity or threat. We know the Misfit audience will see the opportunity! Steve recommends 2 books that you actually get and read on both sides of this coming shift: 1.) Exponential Organizations – This book helps you to think about how you can take advantage of this trend. 2.) Raw Deal by Steven Hill. This book basically describes how horrible this trend will be for millions working at companies around the world. Companies will be replacing workers with robots, AI, and freelancers.
  2. 2.) You must understand that your success is dependent on getting the right behaviors out of the people that work with you. Steve recommends reading BJ Foggs’ Behavioral Model. This book is the best in helping people understand how to get other people to do what they want them to do. The core of it is B =MAT, Behavior that you are looking to get is a combination of motivation, ability, and a trigger. All 3 need to be present for people to take action.
  3. 3.) Take the time to master the most important behavior you can generate in business – Getting people to buy from you. He quotes Peter Theil, “Most companies don’t fail because of a poor product, but because of poor distribution (sales).”
Sep 7, 2016

In this episode, Dave is excited to welcome long time friend and quintessential Misfit Entrepreneur, John Ruhlin. John is the founder of The Ruhlin Group – a gift strategy and logistics company. The Ruhlin group helps clients send world class gifts to cut through the noise, Increase referrals, and strengthen retention with their most important clients, employees, and prospects.

John is known around the world for creating unique experiences through gifting. A practice he calls Giftology. In fact, that is the title of his recently released, best-selling book. The Ruhlin group counts everyone from major league sports teams such as the Miami Dolphins and Chicago cubs to organizations like Nascar and many of the Fortune 500 including Wells Fargo and Morgan Stanley as clients. They have also been profiled in INC magazine, Entrepreneur, and Forbes to name a few.

Learn More about John 

Giftology: The Art and Science of Using Gifts to Cut Through Noise, Increase Referrals, and Strengthen Retention

Watch John on Yahoo! Finance

How did an Ohio farm boy learn the principles of radical generosity and building a great business from the Amish? John's story gives us the answer. John started out in farm country in Ohio and worked like any of us would through high school and into the early years of college. But, John always had the entrepreneurial itch and it was this itch that led him the most unlikely place for farm kid, selling high quality knives for Cutco. Not only could John sell, but he quickly became one of the top sales people in he company and continued to be the number producer for years.

But, it was an encounter in his early knife days with a friend of his family that left a radical impression on him. John was working hard to reach high levels starting out and had sold everything he could to this family friend. It was then that the man asked what else he could buy. John didn't know what to say, this man had bought everything he possible could. It was then that this man decided to buy sets of knives to hand out to the wives of his business partners. John was confused, what would he want to do that? It was then that John learned his lesson when the man, "Take care of the inner circle." Over the years John has perfected this practice into a concept call Giftology.

And recently John released this strategy in a book titled with the same name. It is already an instant hit and best-seller. Giftology is the Ruhlin Group's play book for the last 16 years. We discuss this in detail and John explains further about his early inspiration for gifting and how it left a lasting impression on him.

John goes in depth on what it means to take care of the “inner circle” and the concept of “radical generosity,” why most people suck at gifting and how you can use this to your advantage in your life and business.

John talks heavily about the difference between a gift and an obligation. Some of John's best advice centers around a very counter-intuitive philosophy - You should not use your logo or company information as part of your gift or in strategic gifting.

As John says, "Most people don’t see the difference between a gift and a promotional item. Don’t turn your biggest prospects, clients, or opportunities into a piece of advertising for you."

John also discusses how to overcome your limiting beliefs and take calculated risks that pay off. As with most entrepreneurs, there are always tough times along the way. We discuss how John lost almost everything and came back and the core principles that help him through. John also explains his unique perspective on how he stays grounded and what he does to intentionally make himself feel small.

Best Quote: "Most people don’t see the difference between a gift and a promotional item. Don’t turn your biggest prospects, clients, or opportunities into a piece of advertising for you."

John's Misfit 3

  1. Exercise your “gratitude muscle.” Practice it daily. Each day choose something to be grateful for and show gratitude to someone or for something. How will you do this today?
  2. Act on your gratitude – go above and beyond. Do something for someone that they would not normally do for themselves. As John says, this can be as simple a thoughtful hand written note expressing thanks and gratitude. It does not have to be some huge expense or tangible gift. What is something you can do for someone unexpectedly to show gratitude today?
  3. Ask yourself, what’s the most you can do in that situation? John uses the example of his $3 per card business cards that make the Ruhlin Group stand out. If you are going to do it, do it well. The details matter and asking how you can do the most instead of focusing on doing the least is a key to success. What’s one area in your life where you can apply this? Take action to do it today.
Aug 31, 2016

In this episode, Dave is excited to welcome Roy Huff. Roy is a best-selling author, scientist at the University of Hawaii, teacher, and blogger. Roy has earned five degrees in four different disciplines spanning liberal arts, history, education, and geoscience.

He has worked on projects such as forecasting volcanic emissions from the Kilauea Volcano and training on geostationary satellites for NASA's GOES-R Proving Ground.

He has been published in numerous publications for his work and seen on TV, but his entry into creative writing did not occur until the age of thirty-four when he began writing a creative paper for an English class while working on his fourth and fifth degrees. That paper later became the opening chapter of his first book, which grew to be an Amazon number-one international epic-fantasy bestseller, Everville. Subsequent books in the Everville series have also gone on to become bestsellers and continue to win awards for both cover art design and content. Roy is a monthly contributor for Lifehack.

After learning more about Roy, one of the most amazing things about him, aside from all his success, is his story of hardship that he had to overcome to reach these levels of accomplishment.

Learn more about Roy and the Best Selling Everville Series here

Book Roy Recommends if You Want to Sell Your Own Books in a Massive Way

Roy’s story is incredible. He grew up in abject poverty in rural Kentucky and North Carolina. His father was manic depressive. His parents divorced when he was 6 and his father died of HIV when he was in 8th grade. He suffered through some abuse and at times only had one set of clothes and was lucky if he had shoes.

As Roy says, "We didn’t even have enough money for a bus pass growing up."

Through much hardship, Roy managed to graduate valedictorian of his class and then set off to Hawaii to fulfill his dream of becoming a weatherman. Withing a year, he ran out of money and had to leave. This started a 10 year journey of entrepreneurship and more hardship for Roy. Roy tasted some major success, but through a series of unfortunate events had to file for bankruptcy and liquidate his businesses as well as his home.

It was at this point that Roy decided to go back to school. While working a full time and part time and raising a family, Roy was able to earn 5 degrees in 6 years!

It was in year 4, that Roy found writing – totally by accident. Listen to the 12 minute mark to hear this amusing and life changing part of his story. It was while getting a degree in Geo-science that a simple creative writing assignment became the basis for his best-selling series, Everville. He struggled to get it off the ground and then was spurred by a book he read and subsequently finished the first Everville book in 30 days. He put the pressure on himself by actually marketing the book before it was even written! It took off and he went onto the 2nd and 3rd books, but had another setback – a divorce.

At this point, Roy made some life changes and created a Life Action Plan for himself focused on his health, relationships, and wealth. Listen in at the 17 min mark to learn how he did it and the results he has been able to achieve. There are some great lessons in this section about how to get an idea off the ground and create a platform to be able to launch it, including how he got accepted as a writer on His latest project is a series of books on personal development looking to be released later this year.

​Lessons from Roy for Entrepreneurs:

  • Success is not about being the smartest or having the most talent, its about the willingness to keep going and push through where others would stop or your personal limits are encountered.
  • When you keep doing things, you get better at them, and people start to think you are good and tell you so, but its when you start to believe your own “hype” and get complacent where you lose your edge. Never be satisfied and check your ego at the door.
  • Beware of getting just “good” at something and not doing the extra needed to be “great” at it. Additionally, beware of becoming the jack of all trades and master of none – “just good” at a lot of things.
  • Be open and receptive as you never know how a little tip or item can make a huge difference. And sometimes these come from the most unlikely sources.
  • Continue to strive for and find ways to add value, even when you think you are already adding value is critical to success
  • If people aren’t buying your stuff, its because you are doing something wrong. And if you are not willing to accept it, then you can’t learn or grow or find ways to improve.
  • Focus on the most important things, the 80/20 rule. Don’t waste time on the small things or stress on them. Put your effort, time, and focus into things that actually matter and have a serious impact in driving you toward your goal or goals.
  • There is a big difference between being truly productive and just be busy. Beware the “busy trap.”
  • Roy also discusses what he calls “leveraging your time.” This is not so much about prioritizing your time as much as understanding when you are most productive in your day and making sure to be focusing on your most important items during those times.

Best Quote: "The universe doesn’t care about the problems that I have. And if I want to succeed at something, the only way I am going to is by taking action."

Roy's Misfit 3

  1. Take Real Action. If you don’t take action, everything else is irrelevant. If you want to achieve and accomplish something, you have to do something, You have to do more than read or listen to inspirational content and "prime the pump." You most importantly have to take action on the core goal that is most impactful in getting you to what you want to achieve. Put yourself out there. What is one thing you know you can take action today that will help you get closer to a goal? Do it.
  2. Resolve to Really Learn from Your Failures: This includes a lot of things. It means you have to allow yourself to fail. It means you have to not give up when you fail. And it means, that when you do keep going, you actually learn from your failures. So be willing to learn and actually put into effect what you have learned from your mistakes. What is one thing you have failed at recently? Write down what you have learned from it.
  3. Seek Your Passion: It’s your life. And if you’re not happy with yourself at the end of the day, what’s the point? When you find your passion and have something that you love, you are more motivated to work at it and be successful anyway. Why not stack the deck in your favor? What is something that you are passion about that you know you can provide value in? Why not give a shot? What do you have to lose…some great lessons from a failure or two?
Aug 19, 2016

In this episode, I am excited to welcome my friend and longtime investment mentor, Doc Severson. Doc is known as the Options Doctor. He is a principle at TheoTrade, an organization that provides, solid, no hype, time tested advice those looking to trade options and futures in the US Markets. The organization is unique in that is has very specific requirements to be on their team - All of the traders/mentors on the team must have a minimum of 15 years’ experience of hands on trading in their specialty with proven documented results that you can see and review.

Doc is your quintessential misfit – walking out on a 6 figure job to pursue his dream of trading for a living almost 10 years ago. Starting from essentially square one, Doc created a multimillion dollar business.

He is also the author of Hacking the Holy Grail: The Trader’s Guide to Cracking the Code of Profitability, an Amazon best-seller.

Doc’s story of starting over in his mid-40’s because he was displaced by disruption is a great example of how you can reinvent yourself at any time.

Pay close attention to around the 12 minute mark when Doc talks about taking the chance and leap of faith, running through walls, finding what you are meant to do, and breaking the bonds of being an employee. We also discuss writing a “day in the life paper” and what the power of convincing yourself and your mind of what is possible can do for you.

Doc, who is arguably, one of the world’s top option traders, gives us some of this best insights on investing and getting started in investing. Doc mentors thousands of people all throughout the world and gives us some of the biggest pitfalls to avoid in investing.

Doc also discusses some other great success tips such as choosing not to be mediocre and focus on the “one thing” to be the best, challenging the convention norms by being a contrarian and NOT diversifying, putting a value on your knowledge, and advice for starting out in investing and trading.

He also talks about what it’s like to compete against the best every day in the markets and how to create an edge and carve out a place to win. Pay attention to this at the 41 minute mark for some great content on this.

Doc's Misfit 3

1. Corridor effect: When you close a door, you walk into the corridor with many doors– Disassociate yourself from defining yourself by your job title, free yourself to the opportunity around you. You will become alive again and get your life back. Today, take 20 mins to look around you and find one opportunity you never thought about before, write it down, and put a plan in place to maximize it.

2. The Secret of the Entrepreneur: Open you mind and your ears to what problems that people are having…then go solve them. Pick one problem that you know you and other people have, one in which you have clarity and know you could provide a solution. It doesn’t matter if it is large or small – you just need to get in the act of finding and solving a problem. Then go do it. You can start on this right now, today.

3. Learn to recognize disruptive forces in the world. The things that are changing the way we live, work, and play – and seek to be one yourself or align yourself with them. Don’t ever get complacent or comfortable. It’s when things are going well that you need to be most alert for a disruptive force. Take time today to identify a disruptive force in your life. Whether it’s to your work or business or a trend you see coming. Ask yourself how you can use this to give you an edge and ride its wave. Then start doing it!

Aug 12, 2016

Welcome Misfit Nation!

Today's guest is a great friend and mentor, Miguel de Jesus.  Miguel is the founder of Purpose and Action. He's credited with leading the growth efforts of a Fortune 1000 from $40 million in sales to over $2 billion. We take some time on Miguel’s story as it really represents a trip through history with some of the most storied companies in history. Starting from humble beginnings in New York’s lower East Side. Miguel started out his entrepreneurial career as a Trumpet player in high school, playing gigs around the city. He then started a retail clothing company with storefront on Broadway in Manhattan…where he used everything from arbitrage to unique radio spots to drive sales. Miguel also explains how he learned the hard lessons with this business and those spurred him to continue his entrepreneurial career in the early days at Xerox and was there for 20 years including 8 years in Puerto Rico.

In this episode, we take a little walk down memory lane from my early days at Paychex working with Miguel. Miguel will help to learn the inner workings and perseverance needed to get things done in a larger company, how founders think differently that the rest of us, how to find the sacred cows and don’t be afraid of them, but also be conscious to their importance, and lastly, learn to gain leverage by having all of your assets and resources clearly defined. Assess where you are today and determine where your gaps are.

Tune in at the 16 minute mark to learn how Miguel used his entrepreneurial skill to help take a $40 million company to over $2 billion. Miguel talks about the importance of people development and how Miguel founded the University of Paychex, one of the Top 100 corporate training programs for over 15 years, but more importantly, he gives us model he has used in growing and making businesses successful.

Here's Miguel's model that he has used for 40+ years:

Dissect your business into 4 categories:

  1. People – You cannot grow without people, but more importantly, the absence of people ready to assume higher responsibility that are “ready” is going to limit growth. You must have a bench that is well trained and ready to step up.
  2. Programs- What programs do you have in place? Which ones are needed? Is leadership aligned on doing them? Are you prepared to execute on those needed and see them through?
  3. Process – Take a look at your existing processes and #1, if you don’t have them documented, get them documented. Immediately. This will not only allow your business to grow faster and easier, but save tremendous headaches later on.
  4. Execution: Deliberate, planned, written. Then you Practice, Practice, Practice Best

Quote from Miguel: "Tomorrow you’ll be the same person that you are today, except for the workshops that you attend, the books that you read, and the coaches that you work with."

Miguel's Misfit 3:

1. Always be and stay curious. The 3 most dangerous words in personal development are “I know that.” You have to check your ego and be open to be coached and get coaching.

2. Stay aggressive. Don't get complacent or comfortable. If you feel you are comfortable in your role or business, everything is about to change, so get moving!

3. Attend as many worthwhile workshops, seminars, podcasts, etc. that you can in the specific areas you want to learn or grow and focus making sure you are working with those that are true experts and SME’s in the area you are focused on. There is a big difference between and SME and a motivation speaker, make sure you understand that.


Learn more about Miguel at

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